Wedding Photos

Capturing Great Wedding Images

Capturing great wedding images is unlike most other types of photography in that there is only one chance to get it right. It’s a unique onetime event. The shots should be well done and the results should reflect the happiness of the occasion. There is little room for error. You should plan in advance the wedding photography poses that will be taken. You should already have a good understanding of the nuts and bolts of good photography. If you are only a fledgling photographer you would do well to reconsider. Are you sure you want to do this shoot?


This type of photography requires specialized skills, so make sure you are competent to do the job. That said, the following are suggestions of how to proceed.

Plan Ahead for Great Wedding Photography Poses

Learn of the couple’s expectations making sure they are aware of your experience level. Show them examples of your work so they may decide if they will want to use you as their photographer. Do not oversell your services. If you are chosen to photograph the wedding be prepared. You should make sure your equipment is in good working order. It’s also a good idea to have two cameras available or have a backup photographer lined up. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Have an alternate backup plan if you should be unexpectedly unable to make the shoot.


Check out these HOT photography resources. It would prove beneficial if you could visit the site of the wedding so you get an idea of the lighting, backgrounds, and the perspectives that are available. Get to know the clients for your wedding images .Meet with the couple and make a shot list that you can use to make sure you make all of the wedding photography poses. If they have special requests, this is the time to fully discuss their exact wants.


You may even want to photograph the couple in an informal setting before the wedding. Make arrangements with them to allow you to photograph them in a relaxed atmosphere. In this way the couple can get an additional idea of your capabilities. You could call these “engagement pictures”.


Ask the couple to line up a person from each side of the family to act as coordinators for group shots. Otherwise it may be very difficult to get the necessary people together under the party-like circumstances. During format shots you are the boss. Be bold. Tell the couple and the others what to do so that you may make the desired shot. Be firm but not obtrusive.Get many relaxed shots for great wedding photography poses.

Change your camera to its continuous shooting mode. By doing this you can sometimes get a more natural and relaxed photograph shot right after the posed shot. Get as many relaxed shots as possible. It will add to the allure of the album. Photograph the little things such as rings, flowers, backs of dresses, shoes, table settings and the like. Doing so will give the album an extra dimension. Look at wedding magazines for ideas.


Lastly smile and have fun as you are doing the shooting. Capturing great wedding images is done in a festive atmosphere. The more relaxed and fun you are having, the better your photographs will be.