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How to take Sports photography

Sports photography is arguably one of the hardest skills to learn for a photographer as you are constantly on the move with your lense whilst waiting for the right shot.

Some sports like Tennis and Cricket are a bit easier to take photos of as the people in question usually are in a certain fields however sports like AFL and Soccer are much more difficult to shoot.

Another sport which is gaining traction in papers and online media is horse racing photography which is often done with time set cameras to take photos from the inside rail whilst the photographer will have another hand held camera on the outside.

I shot photos at the Melbourne Cup last year and found shooting the horses fantastic as they are all very photogenic. I also had the time to take photos of the crowd on Melbourne Cup day.

Almandin,Melbourne Cup winner
Almandin,Melbourne Cup winner

You can view some of my photos at Just Horse Racing at their Melbourne Cup page here

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